Service and Support for Decanters Centrifuges

We provide all types of Repairing and Troubleshooting Services for Decanters and Decanter Centrifuges along with Installation, Commissionning, Maintenance, AMC.
An integral part of our System is the operational training we provide to our customers on site. This training assures the customer optimum use of the centrifuge in a safe and efficient way. Once the centrifuge is delivered and installed on site, our technicians go through the entire centrifuge system with the customer’s support staff to familiarize them with ever aspect of the mechanical and electrical sub-systems Majority of people we have are Ex OEM and are trained an all types of Decanters. You can be Rest assured a call will do the needy to your service needs.

We have Following Specialty in Service and Support for Decanter
1. Installation and commission of Decanter system not even supplied by us with onsite training.
2. Over hauling and troubleshooting of all types of ALFA LAVAL Decanter on site.
3. Supply of Rental Machine for short period and product testing.
4. Supply of Decanter on exchange basis.
5. Onsite training provided for complete ALFA LAVAL system.
6. Preventative maintenance training is also provided to our regular customers free of charge.
7. Comprehensive and Non comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract for Decanter

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