Strainer Pumps

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Strainer Pumps

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Liquid Working Pressure MPa (kgf/cm2)
0-2.0 (0-20) 2.1-6.9 (21-70) 7.0-13.7 (71-140) 13.8-24.5 (141-250)
Hydraulic oil 60 100 150 200
Lub. oil 60 100    
Viscose 16 - 24 40    
Kerosene, Diesel fuel oil, A heavy fuel oil 60 - 80 100 150  
B.C. Heavy fuel oil 32 40 - 60 100  
Crude oil 40 60 100  
Asphalt 24 - 32 40 - 60 100  
Tar 40 60 100  


In order to maintain a pump in perfect service condition at all times, it is necessary to select a suitable suction filter after checking values shown in the above table. The filter thus selected should be fitted on suction side of the pumps as close as possible to prevent intrusion of foreign particles into the pump.

Clogging of the suction filter not only causes cavitations which results in the decline of delivery capacity. Pressure drop & increases noise, but also cuts down the service life of pump. Suction filter should therefore be cleaned periodically to keep it in good working condition. Although the use of large capacity filter is preferred, it is the general practice to emp0loy a filter whose screen incurs no longer pressure drop than 0.01 MPa (0.1 kgf/cm2 and has a net screening area 5-10 times suction inlet area of the pump.